Courtyard Collection®

Our Courtyard collection garage doors are made with the Thermacore® polyurethane insulated steel construction and made to resemble the wood designs of traditional Carriage House doors. They have the beauty of wood and the durability of steel with a classic design to enhance the beauty of your home.


Stain colors shown below on oak wood grain pattern. Actual door colors may vary slightly from brochure photos due to fluctuations in staining or the printing process. Call us today for a free color sample.




Desert Tan


Terra Bronze





3 Layer Construction with a polyurethane foamed in place insulation to provide an R-Value of 12.79

Design Options

Renderings below are for 8' wide and 7' high.

Tier I-Square and Arch Top

Tier II-Square and Arch Top

Tier III-Square and Arch Top

Window Options

Glass Options

Glass to be 1/8" double pane. Tempered available upon request.

**Clear Glass

Satin Etched Privacy Glass

Obscure Glass**

Deco Hardware

Carriage House Collection® Vs. Courtyard Collection®

Our Carriage House collection and our Courtyard collection both offer distinct ranch style looks. The Carriage House advantages lean towards appearance where the Courtyard advantages lean towards construction. Here are the main advantages of each

Carriage House - Our Carriage House Collection® series offer a larger color selection that include 8 wood stain finish colors to give you the added visual appeal. This series also has larger panel designs to provide for the more classic Carriage House wood look. If you are looking for a wood carriage house style door but do not want the maintenance of a wood door this the series for you

Courtyard - Our Courtyard Collection® offers the high durablity and strength of our Thermacore® line of doors with the look of the classic wood Carriage House design. This series has more panel design options and a real wood façade to make is a highly sought after door. With an R-Value of 12.76, choose this series if you want the strength of the a standard Steel Door and look of the classic wood carriage door.